15mm ScaleJetty

15mm Jetty
A set of eleven jetty pieces laser cut from mdf, suitable for Flames Of War and other 15mm scale games, etc.

Consisting of five straights 75mm long, two t-junctions 75mmx50mm, one crossroad section 75mmx75mm, two corner sections, 50mmx50mm and one half straight

Very easy to assemble and once painted should last a very long time. Either paint on the sheet before assembly or when assembled, it needs no special treatment although avoiding excess water when painting will help keep its shape.

Surprisingly sturdy, one of the easiest ways to assemble is with thin superglue as it wicks along the join and reinforces as it goes, although pva works well too for those who have more patience than us. Supplied in cut sheet form all you need to do is trim out the tags that hold it onto the fame and away you go.

(please note that due to the process of laser cutting a residue may still be present in the form of soot. We try to minimise this but we can't eradicate it fully, this is harmless but could stain light coloured fabrics, so please be careful when handling unpainted pieces. However should it get onto your hands or clothes it can be washed off with warm soapy water.)

(Laser cut in mdf supplied unpainted)

Price: £7.00

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