About Us

Welcome to foundationsofwar.co.uk – the site where we aim to give you everything you need to build your army.

Our founders have a long standing interest in Warhammer and Games Workshop products, dating back to the Rogue Trader era.

Our primary areas of interest have always been the Warhammer 40k universe and you will see that reflected in a lot of the products we have listed on the website.

However, that’s not to say that we aren’t interested in other aspects of the hobby.

Most of what we currently sell on the website is second hand, sourced from other hobbyists. If you have something that you want to sell, please get in touch. We buy everything from individual models, through to entire collections.

We offer a range of products, from complete, almost new (sometimes new in box) items, right through to individual bits box bits, like that weapon arm you need.

Are we legit?

Yes (well we would say that now of course, wouldn’t we?). We’ve been selling stuff of eBay for some time now.

However, especially for low value items, selling on eBay doesn’t make any sense, because of their transaction fees.

We set this website up so that we can sell things direct, without the need to sell through other online marketplaces (although we will continue to do so for now) and pass on some of the savings directly to you, the customer.

It also means that we can start selling the various bits and pieces that we have accumulated that just don’t make sense to sell in other ways.

A word about packaging

We aim to use recycled packaging as much as possible. This is to reduce waste and also to help keep costs down. We’d love to post you stuff in fancy branded packaging but that would increase our costs and the amount of waste that’s produced, so for now, don’t be surprised if your order turns up in an egg box, or something similar.