Adeptus Titanicus – Imperial Cerastus Knights

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  • Fast and deadly Knights armed with a shock lance and an ion gauntlet shield
  • Beautifully detailed miniatures for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus
  • Adds a new option for supporting your Titan maniples

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Cerastus Knights are employed as weapons of extermination, designed to inspire fear in their foes. Nothing will sway their attack until the enemy is utterly crushed, never to rise again from the flame-scoured ruins of their strongholds.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 Cerastus Knights for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus. Each of these machines is armed with a Cerastus shock lance and an ion gauntlet shield. These are highly detailed Adeptus Titanicus-scaled miniatures are every bit as impressive to behold as their larger brethren – included are 6 heads of 3 different designs, allowing you to add some variety to your Cerastus Knight banners.

This kit comes as 58 components and is supplied with 2 Citadel 50mm Round bases along with a Cerastus decal sheet that features heraldry for Houses Makabius, Vyronii, Malinax and Coldshroud.


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